How to delete years rather than hiding them




I only want to show one year for my balance sheet however when I created the module I see six (we need six years for revenue and expenses). Is there a way to delete the years not needed or is the best option just to hide these? 




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  • rob_marshall
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    No, you don't delete them, you use a filter to only show the ones you need.  To do this, create a SYS Time Fitler - Year module dimensionalized by Time.  Change the Timescale to Year, can create a boolean line item named Show?.  Then you can use this as a filter in your existing module/view.







  • @tomflahavan 


    If size is your primary concern, you could also create a time range with lesser number of years than your time settings(although it requires maintenance since they are fixed in nature) . Wondering if @rob_marshall has something to add to this.

  • @ankit_cheeni 


    A SYS Time Filter module at the year level is fairly small, so i wouldn't advise using Time Ranges here.



  • @rob_marshall

    A - Can we not simply use the "Show" option for a column and create a saved view for it?


    B - (1) insert a line item for current year?, (2) Filter for current year (3) Show required fields only and (4) create a saved view?

  • Misbah



    There are two options for you:


    Apply the filter as @rob_marshall mentioned, it is going to work perfectly for you. SYS module where you will be creating these filters is not going to be pretty big. However if you are planning on Balance sheet accounts meaning if you have a number of accounts where planning is happening and you may want to cut down the space consumed then TIME RANGES is another option for you. With TIME RANGE there is Yearly Maintenance rollover that you may have to do.


    Both solutions will work for you. If the size is of no concern to you then Filters otherwise Time Ranges


    Hope that helps


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  • @Saket2022 


    I wouldn't use option B due to maintenance and Option A is certainly doable, but again, you have to think about maintenance.  This is why having a dynamic filter or using booleans is the better option.