Pull values from one module to another module


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Consider 2 General List 

List 1 Has A,B,C,D,E,F

List 2 Has A,B,C,D,E,F

And 2 module in which module 1 have dimension List 1 has value 

A=100, B=200. C=300, D=400, E=500, F=600

And module 2 have dimension list 2

I want to pull values of module 1 to module 2 

how it is done... other than  lookup

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  • Different Approaches would be 


    1. Directly import data from Module 1 to Module 2

    2. U can use sum/lookup and mapping can be automated by using Finditem. [Preferred]


    Why u want to create 2 lists and import same data into another one? and why not lookup?


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  • @JEEVAK  if you can associate to the "List 1" an element from List2 using a system module, then you can pull data from "module 1" using the SUM.


    It's exactly the same situation as in module REP02 from Anaplan Level 1:


    List 1: P2 Products 

    List 2: Size


    The connection between List 1 and List 2 is made in system module SYS06 ( to a Product is associated a Size). 


    Module 1:  REV03 Margin Calculation

    Module 2: REP02 Size Margin Report



    Hope it helps