12.4.3 Activity: Create Saved Views for Size Margin Report - ***Numbers are off***

I can not seem to understand why my numbers are off. Please help, I have been staring at this for 2 hours


  • Hi @Jona , Indeed the values are not matching, What I would suggest you is looking at both the lesson on Rev03 and values in REV03 Margin Calc module. Cause that is where the values are coming from.Let me know if you encounter any problems.

  • I re-did the REV 03 module and I am still coming up with the same calculations

  • Hi @Jona 

    Have you checked are the numbers matching for Rev01 and Rev02,

    Could it be possible for you to send your screenshots for Rev01 and Rev02

    and the unit price growth% and unit cost growth% are 0

  • i have checked but my data is not coming of 2021 and 2019 only 2020 is coming please provide the solution. in level 12


  • Check your Unit cost % growth rates in REV04, I had the exact same numbers as you due to a 500% growth each year, must have been a mistake when trying to add a 5% increase in a previous lesson.