Hi experts

I have use a list for time dim. and i considered four week in every month . i just want that in first 3 week there is the 7 days  in the week and in 4th week there should be rest of day  in that particular month  . i cant get how we can do this when we used time dim. as a list . suggest me that process 

I have also attached screenshot 


  • Hi @saurabh_kumar_kunwar 

    Have a look at the suggestion below and see if this helps.

    I’ve created 2 system modules for month and week.


    Monthly Time Settings – This defines the date range for each month. Working on the assumption that the first 3 weeks have 7 days, I can work out the week 4 days from the date range.





    Weekly Time Settings - I can use the summary method on Week to get the final week in each month and a Boolean to identify week 4.





    Note – if you are using the Time dimension, you use the native calculations such as Start(), End() and Days(), but either method should work.


    Hope this is useful to you. Let me know what you think.