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At Anaplan, we're constantly looking for ways to enrich your customer experience, and listening to your feedback is key to our improvement efforts. To that end, we’re excited to welcome our community to join the Anaplan User Research Program. As a member of our program, you will be invited to participate in upcoming research sessions where you can share details and insight about your specific experience with Anaplan.


Are you interested in sharing your input and feedback? Whether you’re a long-time expert or new to our platform—we want to hear from you. Sign up today and help us shape the future of Anaplan.


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  • Hi @JaqK ,


    If we were previously signed up for the User Research Program, but recently changed jobs (and therefore emails), should we sign up again with new contact info? Or would that automatically update when updating Community Profile/login credentials?


  • Hi Timmy, if you could sign up again that would be a big help. Thank you.