Create a User Experience Page



I have to create a user experience page now.

When creating a user experience page, I don't know whether I should select board or worksheet. I went for a worksheet and this came up:


Now the instruction is this:


Include the following:  

  • Time, Account, and Product Family context selectors 
  • Import Volume Growth Rates Action button (not available for My Pages)


I don't understand what I should do at this point with this blank page. Can anyone help? Any recommendation with board/worksheet decision will be also appreciated.






  • R_Goza


    It looks like you're building a page for the L2 course? I don't believe the training specifies whether you have to use a board or a worksheet so it's really up to you on what you think is best. I would recommend taking a look at this community post, Reports, Boards and Worksheets - When to use which?. The article gives recommendations on when to use a board and when to use a worksheet based on the end user objectives you're trying to accomplish. 


    If you have questions on configuring a board or worksheet I would take a look at some of the micro lessons in the UX Training and Resources section of Community (link below). In the "Lessons for Page Builders" section there are a number of short videos that will show you how to build pages in the UX. 


    UX Training & Resources: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Training-Resources/ct-p/NUX_Training  

  • @R_Goza 

    Thanks. Yes I'm building a L2 page. I believe I watched most -if not all- of the videos on that page but still stucked.


  • @cuneydyasin @R_Goza FYI I have moved this post to the Academy & Training forum.

  • R_Goza

    @cuneydyasin are you stuck on how to configure a worksheet or what you need to build for the training?  If you can give me a little more information I can try to point you in the right direction. 

  • Thanks.

    I guess I misinterpreted the instruction. I think the context selectors should have to be assigned after selecting the cards.

    I did it and there seems to be no problem now.