Time Filter - Current Period




I have a module which is NOT Time dimensioned. I have a line item named as "Year Filter" with Time scale as years and Boolean formatted, formulae with different conditions in the same module.

When I apply the "Year Filter" in the saved view in the same module, I DONT see "Time: Current Period". It shows specific Years and months to select (Time: Jan 22).

As this module is not time dimensioned, I cannot put Time in Page selector. Only 1 line item has Year as time scale..


Can someone please help me with this.




  • Can you paste a screenshot of the module in blueprint view, will help us work out this issue.

  • Hi @VDurgaPriya,

    What are you trying to achieve?
    If I undestand you correctly, you created subsidiary view (boolean filter) with Time dimension, in the module without Time dimension. But I don't get it why you want to now have Time page selector for this module - if you need it, then add it as a dimension to the module.