Distribution Capacity Module -


I am going around in circles with this task. I finally got to a place where I know where the numbers are pulling from into Inv04 module. 


I need to calculate the beginning inventory by month and distribution center. The data source time dimensions  (Inv01) is in weeks and the target in Months (Inv04).


Initially, I was under the assumption that I should be pulling in the first week balance of each week as the beginning balance for the month. I then reconciled that would be incorrect since the directions states we are looking for month values.  That lead me to looking at the beginning inventory at the end of the month. My Inv04 module  pulls in these values, but I think I am missing something.  Any suggestions/clarifications appreciated.



  • @TinaBN you need to aggregate the weekly values to the monthly level and sum by region, that will become your total beginning inventory to calculate distribution center capacity.