Identifying list members with booleans


Hi, I need to identify list members using a boolean. (What I tried is at the bottom)


In a system module SYS06, I have a line item "P2 Product Brand" that is populated using a list (shown in photo 1), it is list formatted.

Photo 1


then, I created a boolean line item that is intended to check in another module SYS03 (Photo 2), in the line item "Representative Item" if it is present, It is list formatted as well. (i.e If product 8 is present in SYS03, then it should evaluate my boolean as true).

(Photo 2)


I've tried using FINDITEM function but it requires a list as the first arg I have a line item, not a list so is not working, (for the second arg I used Name (P2 Product  Brand) to have it formatted as text as required for FINDITEM function)


ISNOTBLANK(FINDITEM('SYS03 P1 Product Brand Family Details'.Representative Item, P2 Product Brand Text)


I've also tried using the lookup function but they don't have common dimensions, even though SYS03 was built using Level 1 of a product hierarchy and SYS06 was built using level 4 of the same product hierarchy.


Now I'm thinking in circles, any ideas on how to achieve it?


  • hello, 

    first of all, where is the target line item resides? is it in SYS03 or in SYS06? (the boolean line item)

  • JoanZ

    Hi @defmarshal the target line item resides in SYS06 module.

  • @JoanZ 


    I very well may be misunderstanding, but in your SYS04, create another line item (named P1 Product Brand) with the formula Parent(P2 Product Brand).  Now you can do a lookup to get the Representative Item from SYS03....create another line item named Representative Item having the formula: 'SYS03 P1 Product Brand Family Details'.Representative Item[Lookup: 'P1 Product Brand']



  • JoanZ

    Thanks @rob_marshall I did manage using a line item P1 formatted as a list in SYS06 and that matches P1 dimension in SYS03, so I used a lookup with that common dimension and just a simple comparison for the boolean line item needed, thanks