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Is there a way to make a line item( dropdown list format) to have multiple conditions? example :


I want my GL account dropdown to be filtered based on the account type selected (parent of the GL account) and based on the cost center selected? 


GL account is dependent on both the cost center selected and the account type selected.





  • Hi @Ana22,

    Yes, it's possible, but exact solution is dependent on other parts, like if every user needs to have different selection, if you already have joined hierarchies etc.
    You will probably need to do many-to-many mapping list (join table), more info can be found here:


  • Ana22
    Thanks! tried that but it is just working for 1 driver. What I need is 2 drivers for one filter

    Drivers are account type and cost center, and the list to be filtered is GL account.

  • Hi,


    Were you able to find a solution for this?

  • I am also curious for creating a picklist based on multiple drivers
  • You could try creating a list which is a concatenation of the 2 lists and use it as a property to create a dependent dropdown. The concatenated list can refresh automatically whenever the 2 lists are updated.

  • Trying skjain's solution worked for me :)

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