Lookup function help


Hi.... I need some support in creating a formula to for a look up 


I have created a mapping module 


where: 00.nondefault is a list 

Stage 1/2/3 is a list 

Y/N is a list

Line item is boolean


I need to map it to another module so that in the Anaplan classification it identify whether it is stage 1/2/3- not sold etc. I have create a lot of boolean, for the ease of mapping but I just cant seems to get the formular to work. 


can any one help please? 



  • 1. Primarily, I will push on not using a list for 'Y' & 'N' until absolutely necessary, as a boolean already has that ability (i.e. if not true then false). you may remove the lyes/no list from the module if not required specifically.


    2. If the stage 1,2,3 list is a structural list & huge expansion in the list is not anticipated, You may create a line item formatted by List [format: Stage 1/2/3 list]


    3. This Line item may be used to create an if-else tree to get the status of a list item:

     i.e. if boolean is true for Stage 3 item then choose list item stage 3

    else if boolean is true for Stage 2 item then choose list item stage 2

    else if boolean is true for Stage 1 item then choose list item stage 1

    else choose list item not sold off


    4. Use this line item in your second module through a lookup or Sum however you require.


    @Will Man