Source Model in Pages - Default model, selection order and visual differentiation




I would like to request some enhancements regarding the source models in a page:


  1. Default model: allow the page builder to select the default model to be loaded when loading a page for the first time by an end-user. Currently, the default model is the first in the list of source models of the page, and this might be the solution, but we would need to have enhancement #2.
  2. Re-order source models in pages: it would be great being able to re-order the source models without the need of deleting all the source models and entering them again in the desired order.
  3. Visual differentiation of source models: many end-users will have access to both a Test environment and Production. It happens a lot that it's hard for them to tell in which model they are working on while accessing a page, even with the drop-down at the top of it. I created different logo images that I located at the top of the page for each model, but as the image is not "always-visible" (it gets lost when you scroll down), this is not enough either. It would be great to be able to change the color of the top bar (currently it's always blue) based on the source model you are working with or at least assign different colors to the source model selector background (or any other similar solution), so that the end-user can visually tell which model is he/she working with at all times.

Thank you!





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  • Jeremy.Smith
    edited December 2022

    +1, specifying the default source for pages with multiple sources (DEV, UAT, PROD) would be ideal for our company as well. Our naming convention is [Division] [Use Case] [Environment] (e.g., [FIN] FP&A PROD and [FIN] FP&A DEV)

    Without this feature, stakeholders who are regularly requiring access to both DEV and PROD are defaulted to DEV as D comes before P alphabetically.

    We've resorted to including a numeric value ahead of the environment label which doesn't look quite as clean, and is less intuitive/subject to another user renaming and putting us back to square one.

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