Better handling for Selectors with access to only one List Item


There are times where a dimension (say, a Geo/Region/Territory hierarchy) is held as a Selector at the top right of a UX page.  It can also be that the current user has access/visibility to a single item in that total list.  But other users may be able to navigate across the list.


The current result, when this selector is on a UX page, is that all users cal click the drop-down and attempt to select from the list.  If you are a user with only one list item available, this drop down will never be applicable.  But it can appear, to the user, that they CAN access other stuff.  It is just missing.


SUGGESTION:  allow the Page Builder to specify, as part of the selector settings, a 'Show on page' setting of "Dynamic."  This would mean for users who have more than one list option they will get a 'Selector.'  But for a user with only one option they will get a 'Label.'

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