Sum over selected months


Hi team,

As one of the requests from our client, we are trying to add "Sum over Selected Period" next to the sum "All Periods"

The use case is, that we have a module with dimensions- 4 line items and time (month).

As the data is in numerical format, the default is sum "All Periods"

On the dashboard, the user can filter out the time based on Start and End Time filter boolean. So they can select only a particular period for viewing the data.

Now, the user wants to have an additional column (or replacement of All Periods column), such that the column will display the sum of values only for the selected period.


Could you please help me with the solution?



  • Hi ,

    If there is no implications in creating duplicate line items, create those items and update the formulas as per the selected start and End periods.

    This way "All Periods" would eventually display the sum over selected Months.

  • HI @PriyavadhanaKaveri

    I don't completely understand this.


    In this case, we are planning to give monthwise boolean calendar on the dashboard, where user can select the Start and End months. Ex. user selects Jan 21 to June 21 period.


    Now, how can we incorporate this into the formula?


  • Hi,


    In the Module, there is already time dimension in which you can write formula as IF Selected Month THEN value ELSE 0.


    Let me know if this could work.




  • sobaid
    If You could share a screenshot or a visual of the structure, it would be more useful.