Save a custom palette of colors for use in UX pages


Model Color Palette Example.png

Most companies have brand-specific colors they use for fonts, icons, logos etc.  When implementing building pages in Anaplan I attempt to use their colors where possible (and reasonable). UX page builders can currently pick from a set of colors for body text fonts, or even specify the hex value for a specific one (which is awesome!). I'd like to be able to save those colors for others to see.


It would be really helpful to be able to create a custom model palette of colors in order to help any builders in that model use the same set.  Here's an idea of what it COULD look like (forgive my totally random example color choices 😂)

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  • As a customer, we think this would be great to utilize for our brand colors! 

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Following on from the recent release of colour palettes for charts, it seems like this idea could be an easy win - an incredibly useful one at that! I hope this gets implemented soon, Anaplan.

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