Lookup based on a boolean line item


Hi, I have a target module INP01 with 5 dimensions (P1, C5, Size&BPC, Time, and Deal Levels) and I need to bring values from another module DAT05 which has 4 dimensions (P1, C3, Size&BPC and Time)


The point is that it needs to be done based on a boolean line item selected month? in DAT05 (which is true for the month selected in another module), bring the values into INP01.

INP01 Module:


DAT05 Module:


I've tried using this formula: It returns: Level mismatch on common dimension

IF 'DAT05 Pricing Data in Representative and Size + BPC'.Selected Month? THEN 'DAT05 Pricing Data in Representative and Size + BPC'.FOB ELSE 0

I know both modules share P1, SizeBPC, for the customer family: C3(from DAT05) and C1 (INP01) but they don't share Deal Levels dimension that is in INP01 (Target).


Any idea on how to bring the values from DAT05 into INP01?





  • In your DAT05, create a FOB Staging line item that has values when your selected month is true. SO something like 'IF Selected Month then FOB else 0'


    Then if your INP01 module, directly refer to FOB Staging while looking up on a C3 formatted line item dimensioned by C5. Basically you need to tell Anaplan which C3 value should it look against when getting the value for a C5. Your INP01 formula would then be something like - 'DAT05 Pricing Data in Representative and Size + BPC'.FOB Staging[LOOKUP: SYS C5.C3 Mapping]

  • JoanZ

    @ankit_cheeni for the mapping part, should I create line items list formatted with C5 in DAT05? if this is the case it returns: Level mismatch on common dimension


    I do not understand the logic in the mapping part of my problem.

  • Create a separate system module dimensioned by C5 and create a line item that is C3 formatted. I’m hoping C3 and C5 are part of a hierarchy so parent(parent(item(C5))) as a formula in the line item should give you C3 corresponding to each C5. Use this line item in LOOKUP.
  • JoanZ

    @ankit_cheeni I really appreciate your help,

    Mapping worked, but it shows zeros instead of 57.31 for the House DD column.



    The value that should bring into INP01.  


    Could it be related to the other dimension that my target module has Deal Levels?




  • Is time not a common dimension? Check your messages