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Need help creating a formula that will look at LI for a rolling 5 day forecast and return back the max number of those 5 days. I set up a systems module that looks at the forecast for 5 days, and then tried to use it in the formula below. 




  • mburdak

    Hi @neg177 


    To achieve this, you need to make a lineitem that only has values for the rolling 5 days. It's formula will be ' IF Rolling 5 days Forecast THEN Max cash demand ELSE 0'. The MAX of this lineitem will be your desired result, it can be achieved by setting the summary for this lineitem and MAX and referring the top level in the target lineitem.


    Hope this helps.



  • ravi

    Please try the following formula.

    TIMESUM('Rolling 5 day forecast', -4, 0, MAX)


  • @ravi 


    Please do not use TIMESUM() with Time in the Applies as it can have performance issues:



  • ravi



    Does this performance hit also apply to MOVINGSUM?


    Can the following formula solve the problem without the performance hit?
    MOVINGSUM(Line item, -4, 0, MAX)

  • @ravi 


    No, MovingSum() does not have the same performance issues that TimeSum() does because MovingSum() was specifically made for line items with Time in the Applies To and TimeSum() was not.  Here is a video which talks directly to that: