NUX Synchronized Filters across cards


A couple months ago, Anaplan rolled out a new feature where cards can have synchronize scrolling if they show the same module that shares a dimension.


Similarly, it would be helpful if we are able to apply a native card filter that can synchronize across multiple cards that show the same module with the same dimensions. 

  • This would reduce the need for a user to go through all 4 synchronized cards and apply the same filter.
  • The current workaround is to create a custom line item filter that is applied to all 4 views. However, this is redundant to the native filter functionality and we would love to be able to avoid this.


Thank you!

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  • We created some screens based on synchronized scroll. But we challenging with end user they noticed and important feature to be added which is synchronizing filters that need to be added.




    Fig 1 :  actual screen with 4 synchronized grids





    Fig 2: Filtering the  second grid for non zero values for the month of February for example :





    Result :  only the selected grid is filtered which can be confusing for end user.


    One proposed solution was to use user filters, but this option will have two drawbacks


    1 – we have to predefine all the filters that we want to use so end user cannot have flexibility to use custom filters

    2 – we cannot disable custom filter in order to prevent end user to use custom filter we synchronizing grids.


    Proposed options :


    1 – when using synchronized grid get custom filters synchronized

    2 – allow disabling filtering option

  • I have also found the case for synchronized filtering, and would find it beneficial to be implemented.

    With two parallel grids on the page, users have found it beneficial to have both grids move in unison when scrolling; however there is confusion when filters are applied to one grid, and the changes are not reflected in the other, and I believe this has caused them to be misaligned when filters are cleared as well.

    Certainly would be useful to have an additional level of synchronization.

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