3 5 5 activity create distribution center summary ux page


Hi y'all, I need help creating the Product SKU by Distribution Center grid for this activity.


I can't can't figure out what module to use or how to pivot it to get these results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • @Jzink 

    Yes! Great callout, this is one that confounds a lot of people, even me! But there is a solution, not very intuitive though. Here's what to do. 

    First, you don't need to create a saved view, create a custom view. Finished grid will look like this:


    Simply go to edit mode on the UX and click on the eyeball. Select Line Items and remove the details. You're all set!



  • @JaredDolich

    Could you please provide more details on how to get the view you suggested? I created a custom view using SYS08 SKU Details but cannot get the same view you got. I followed your instruction regarding Show/Hide feature and disable Line Item Details.

    Is SYS08 SKU Details the correct module to use? And how can I get to your view?

    Thank you much

  • For those still searching for the answer. Here is a screenshot of the pivot to get the first screenshot above.

    You'll use DAT01 Beginning Inventory module.

    Next, click the eye ball icon in the "sG3 Location Distribution Center?" row to just show the location.

    Before you follow the instructions above to hide the line items, add the following filter to the beginning inventory row.

    The only thing I can't match is the "Product by SKU by Distribution Center" header. It's showing a big blank cells in the header of the table.