Boolean, lookup and lists


I am stuck - I have a Boolean that I want to populate based off the value in a given list. If this was excel I would write the formula as If Pay type = H then True else false. But I know that I can't do that. So I moved on to thinking I need to use the lookup function, but I am at a loss on the syntax to ensure it is a specific value out of that list. 


Do I need a system module before I can do this? I need this populated so that I can then do a calculation only for the records that have this specific value.  



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  • JaredDolich
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    Nicely handled. You answered your own question. Yep, you need a system module. Set a line item that has the different payment types. You might also need to create a flat list for the possible payment types. From there you can easily set the Boolean. I have one recommendation though. Instead of hardcoding the formula by saying if payment type.H, consider creating an editable Boolean that identifies "H" and use that instead. Generally not a good idea to hard code if you can avoid it.