Ability to add multiple quick links together in a text card (or maybe introduce a new 'Link card')


Background/Need - As we build pages (either worksheet or boards) we often use internal links for the end user to navigate between other pages. For this, we make use of text card where we enter the target page to open when it is clicked by the user. We recently came across a requirement where the client expects us to provide multiple links on a page. to do this we end up using many text cards and then removing the background so that 'it could appear' as if it were part of a section or same card.


Proposed Idea - I would propose Anaplan to have an ability for us to allow the use of a single card (text card or maybe a new 'link' card) altogether so that we can provide links to different pages using the same card without having to use multiple text cards and adjusting the spaces in between for them to categorize on screen. 

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