Detect CRLF character in a text line item


I have to replace CRLF (carriage return / line feed) characteres form a text line item.

How can I use the FIND function or more better the SUBSTITUE function to replace such a CRLF char.

Result = SUBSTITUE(line item to replace, CRLF character, " ")

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  • Hi, could you please be more specific? What is not working if using substitute function? That should suit the purpose. 



  • Thanks for your answers, but I want to replace the CRLF character from the text field with a space.

    See below in T3 the text is abc abc, where the blank sign between first abc and 2nd abc is the CRLF caharacter.


    now with SUBSTITUE function I try to replace the CRLF sign with a blank/space


    The CR in the formula should be the CRLF character to replace.

    The final result must then be "abc abc"

    and not




  • Pardon my ignorance, I see now what you mean by CR LF. Have you tried using trim? This will remove any irregular spaces





  • I found a workaround:

    In "Text with CRLF" I added this text:


    In the line item "CRLF" I get the CRLF character with the MID function, which then I can use in the SUBSTITUTE function to replace the CRLF in any other text formatted line item (here in "Text to replace")


    The question remains: Is there not an easier way to have the CRLF character as a short cut to use in SUBSTITUE without my workaround?