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One of the most powerful elements in Community is learning from peers — discovering what tools they find valuable. Today we highlight recent resources that have garnered positive feedback and comments among the Community. If you missed these posts the first time around, check out what people are saying and how it can help your work within the Anaplan ecosystem.

 [Upcoming Event] Transitioning from Classic to UX

Taylor Rogers', Certified Master Anaplanner & Merchandise Systems Model Builder at Stitch Fix, will share about Stitch Fix’s transition from Classic to UX in conversation with Andy Martin, Director, Operational Excellence Organization at Anaplan. We’ll be chatting about Taylor's experience with the process, Management Reporting, ALM, as well as answering your questions along the way! 

"Looks like this will be a fun session."

"Events like this help us cope with the trends, changes, and updates in Anaplan, specifically in UX designing."

 [Research] Share your feedback and impact the future of Anaplan

Interested in sharing details about your experience with Anaplan? We're excited to invite you to join the Anaplan User Research Program. As a member, you will be invited to participate in exclusive research sessions where you can share your feedback and insights to help impact the future of our product. Whether you're a long-time expert or new to the platform — we want to hear from you.

"Love giving my feedback and seeing prototypes of future designs."

"I really enjoy participating in the sessions and it's awesome to see something I've given feedback to come to a live version!"

 [Blog] Pro tips: Anaplan Lifecycle Management (ALM) implementation

Certified Master Anaplanner @Stacey_Gibbens shares three aspects to consider when implementing Anaplan Lifecycle Management for a model.

"Get out the flux capacitor! Oh, how we struggled in those early days without syncing and all of that..."

"Great advice, and particularly handy links — nice one-stop shop."

 [How To] How to use “LOOKUP” with summary elements

An alternative approach for working with summary elements of hierarchical lists, without using a SELECT formula. Presented with a step-by-step example.

"An especially useful article with a simple solution."

"Good workaround."

"Short videos are very helpful!"

 [Best Practice] Inside the Hyperblock

If you’re an experienced model builder or solutions architect, this best practice article dives deep into hyperblocks, how they are calculated, performance, summary block counts, focus points, and more.

"That's very interesting, especially the part on Time related blocks... I've never thought about it this way."

"Thanks for the great insights. It's easier to understand and apply some best practices when you know more about the 'engine.'"

What Community resources have you found valuable lately? Leave a comment!

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