Regarding 80000 Character Limit in Mailto function.


Can anyone please clarify whether spaces and newlines are counted as a character in the 80000 character limit in browser?


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Aakash Sachdeva


  • @aakash 


    Yes, spaces are counted.  I am afraid to ask why this came up as text is horrible, especially this amount.

  • and MAILTO performs quite badly, so if you are building strings from a list directly in the MAILTO function you may see a big performance hit...

  • Hi @rob_marshall ,


    Thanks for the response. Our current text is  not that long, but this came up as a heads-up to the users on how many more characters can be added before we start running into problems.


    One more thing though, is it possible to italicize or bold the text in the email body?



    Aakash Sachdeva

  • @aakash 


    You can not Italicize it. By the way have you considered using "Notifications" in UX? It is exactly similar to what MAILTO function does barring that it doesn't have any impact on Model Performance since it is outside Anaplan Models.


    <Miz Logix>

  • Hi,


    Unfortunately the dashboard is in classic environment. 


    I need help on how this limit is being calculated. The limit is supposed to be 80000 characters, however I have an email text of 1541 characters and the limit is exceeding. I am using chrome. Can anyone suggest something?



    Aakash Sachdeva

  • @aakash 


    Yes, 80K limit is for all Email Address, Subject and Body included but there are other conditions to it as well. See this




  • So, after a support ticket , we came to understand that the limit is different for an Operating System, Browser, and mail client combination. Hence it's not simply 80K in chrome, other factors come into play too.

  • Appreciate you closing the loop on this @aakash!