is there a way to forecast expenses by vendors?


I'm trying to forecast the details by department's with their vendors, like for example Anaplan as a license vendor I want to forecast by that line of expense as part of the Technology department that eventually will roll up to the Software expense P&L as part of the total company. Not sure if I need a list for Vendors and then what the line will be called? 

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  • JaredDolich
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    I like your thinking! I would suggest an easy start, similar to what you recommended:

    • Create a vendor list
    • Create a department list
    • Create a vendor system module (to contain all the vendor properties - think DISCO). If the vendor is only used by one department then make the department a vendor property.
    • Create a planning module that contains the vendor list and the calendar of your choice. Add the department list if each department can also use each of the vendors. Later you can optimize this by creating valid combinations of vendor and departments.
    • Create the line items to hold the expenses. For your example it could be license expense.