check your work


Need some help please, as per example, Safety stock target line item is blank


In my module have got summary values here, any pointers please?




  • @PWCAnaplan 

    Check your summary on that line item and make sure it's set to SUM. if that doesn't work, then let's take a look at your formula. Let's get you to the finish line on this one!

  • Thanks Jared for your reply.

    I have set up summary as below. This is good enough for individual SKU's but at All Product level, as per screenshot it should be blank at 'All Products'.


    My module has sum as summary , hence showing the numbers. Can it small error in the training module?

  • @PWCAnaplan 

    The safety stock target isn't very meaningful at the aggregate level but let's try to get you the right number. At the SKU level, are you seeing the right numbers?


    If you are, then let's check DAT04. We need to make sure you're getting the halfyear value. Double check that you have 2020 and 2021 also.



  • Yeah, I understand it's not very meaningful at aggregate level. At SKU level, I have correct numbers and even at Jan20 its matching with the training screenshot.


    I am getting half year values as well in DAT04


    Sorry, we can ignore it as well but was just trying to get into detailed understanding.


  • I am experiencing the same issue