How to link a property/line item on modules with different dimension



I need to get data from a line item from one module with a different dimension with my target module, I cannot do a lookup because the 2 dimensions are not totally related. See details below ;


I need to get the Position value from the source to the target, as you can see in the target module, not all Position list is mapped to an Employee so I cannot use a lookup, only the Position Line item/property is the same for both modules.








  • Hello Ana,

    Can you please tell us the dimensions from source and target in order to clarify the question?


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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hey @Ana22 ,

    As you mentioned, employee list and position list are not related to each other, in that case we can use position as a link between the two lists. 

    But before jumping to that, can you verify if the source module is dimensioned by "employee list" and target module is dimensioned by "position list"?


  • Hi, Yes that is correct.

    source - employee list
    target - position list,

    mapping of employee to position list is not 1:1 so I cannot do a lookup, sometimes, employee may be blank for a position list as seen in the example.

  • Feels like you will need to do a sum function. Depending on how you want it to sum up you can either use formula for Position list 1 or Position list 2


    Employee listPositionData to be copiedcount
    1xPosition 11111
    2xPosition 22221
    3xPosition 33331
    Position listPositionEmployee listExpected
    1Position 11xSource.Data to be copied[SUM: Source.Position]
    2Position 2blankSource.Data to be copied[SUM: Source.Position] / Source.count[SUM: Source.Position]
    3Position 33x 
  • Hope this helps:



  • Hi, Thanks for this. but sorry, my mistake it was the other way around, should be this ;





    How about this then?



  • Hi,


    The Position from the source is not the position code of the list, so I can't do a lookup. It's just a text same for both source and target.