3.5.5 Activity: Create Distribution Center Summary UX Page


HI, struggling a little to create below view


I am able to achieve below using DAT01 but not able to remove the summaries. 





  • Hello PWC,


    Go to the selector of the dashboard and click in Show/Hide as shown below. You will be able to hide levels from that view.



    Hope that helps!



    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hi @PWCAnaplan 

    In order to remove the summaries for P3 SKU, you will have to use show/hide feature after selecting the module under the view section of grid card overview or you can do the same using the context selector in the dashboard.

  • @rishabh01 


    Why not just use a filter?

  • I tried this, it shows correct view, but when I update it I still see the summaries @rishabh01 



  • @BrunoRodriguez I tried this as well. I am doing something really incorrect?



  • Hi,

    Need to do two things:

    1 - Remove those SKUs which do not have an opening inventory value (using a filter)

    2 - Hide the opening inventory values (this did not happen in the UX for me so I had to hide it in the underlying module by creating a saved view)

  • @Saket2022 Removed the SKU's with no opening inventory


    After hiding , I can get to below view



    Looks like left over part is removing the higher levels which I can still see in the screenshot

  • Awesome! The next step is to hide the opening inventory values (this did not happen in the UX for me so I had to hide it in the underlying module by creating a saved view). Hint - Use levels to show feature in the underlying module.

  • How did you manage to hide the beginning inventory to create the saved view? Form me it seems like this is not possible as it is the only line item in the module




  • @hannaaberg The beginning inventory is not hidden. A filter has been applied to it. The picture of the filter applied is shared in the thread above as well.

  • @hannaaberg do you have line items in the column set up in the saved view? Moving line item in the column, should help us in hiding it

  • Ah now I see. So whenever you want to remove the line items you should have them as columns? I tried a different approach without creating a saved view first, but using a custom view. But it was tricky to understand how you could hide the line items from there.. I finally managed to do so by deselecting "Line items (details) as well. Works if line items is on columns so I assume it is the same approach, but by creating a custom view.




  • phi

    isn't there a way to pull all the SKUs that match a given Distribution Center in SYS08 SKU Details, for each Distribution Center?

    e.g if I were writing some sort of code I would could write something roughly along the lines of

    foreach (DC in DistributionCenters) {
    write row.SKU where row.SuppliedBy = DC


    so for each DC I would be able to pick out all its associated SKUs from the SYS08 SKU Details module, which seems the more robust and intuitive way to go about it, but I can't figure out how to do it in Anaplan. Surely there must be a way to do that in Anaplan, right?