Formula and Ability to Edit




is it possible to have a formula that is formulated for a certain version or from an IF, but then allows you to hard code if that is not true?


For example if we were to say "IF ISACTUALVERSION() THEN 0 ELSE {Ability to hardcode here}"


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  • Hello @CamdenMaggos ,


    You could reference a Line item editable in the ELSE statement (i.e., create a LI withou formula where you can input the data).


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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hardcode in the formulas can be done by adding it in "" but this is not recommended within the formula as that will be difficult to audit. If Hardcoding is required make it through a system module/lookup module so that it is auditable when required.

  • @CamdenMaggos 


    I would suggest a couple of options:

    • User formula scope in the blueprint section...For example, if you set the formula scope to all versions Except Actual, then Actuals will always be 0.
    • Option 2 would be to use the Version Formula option within the blueprint as well



  • It could be a different hardcode depending on what component from the list is showing so this method would not work. Specifically using it to show hour availability for certain employees but want to make sure we get 0 for employees that are terminated, but have the ability to manually enter the available hours for the employees that are active.

  • When I tried playing with the version formula, it was requiring a line item subset. Any way of getting around this requirement?