Change Order and Style of Line Item Subsets




I am looking for some help.


I have a module, call it "Module A", which feeds a Line Items Subset, call it "LIS A".  I used the "LIS A" to populate an end state report, call it "Module B".  


How can I change the order and styles of the LIS A points in Module B?  When i make the edits (reordering of lines or changing styles) in Module A, those changes show in LIS A, but it DOES NOT carry over into Module B. 



  • R_Goza



    The changes you make in Module A (reordering) should automatically flow through to LIS A and Module B.    


    Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to change the formatting.  There are a lot of enhancement requests for this, and it's been added as an idea in the idea exchange.  You can check it out here, and upvote the idea.   

  • Thank you for your response.  The changing of order and style made in Module A to LIS A; however and unfortunately, neither the order change or style change gets changed in Module B.  Hopefully there is a workaround that someone can share. 

  • michael.moore
    edited June 2023

    If you check the option to "Include New Items?" for your line item subset LIS A then reordering the line items in module A will reorder them for LIS A.