Line Item Subset Formatting

Line Item Subset Formatting

This post is a bit of getting ideas to work around but also see if people are experiencing similar issues.


I think it would be a good idea if Line Item Subsets could inherit the formatting and time settings from the source modules that they come from.


In the situation where you had a KPI which was a %, a number and a currency value, these could be split into 3 separate line item subsets and presented on the same dashboard. This will take up more space as the data will be coming from 3 separate modules. They will also need to be manually maintained for which lines go into each subset if a new line item is added to the source module.


Similarly for time settings, in a situation where a source module has a balance sheet movement that might have an opening balance, some movements which are summed over time, a closing balance and also an average balance. These would also need to be split into separate modules with similar problems as above.


This becomes a bit of an issue when trying to do version variances without using a native version formula. In a roundabout way, an idea of version subsets may also be a useful solution as the variances are only present in the modules where required and not in any input modules.

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Amazing how often I come on here and think, yes, why didn't I put this down already!

Would make using line item subsets a real game changer rather than modules with a load of line items on it.

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Yes, @AndrewHall this is a feature that would have much value.  

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