Using a subset vs boolean


Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if it was possible to have the box to select a subset for list to be shown in the UX?


For example I have 2 subsets, CAPEX, and EPMO, among the project request list (where project planners can request projects for the budget cycle) and want them to be able to select if it is a CAPEX or EPMO project that would then feed the subset. Having this be a subset versus a boolean would help the functionality of calculation models on the backend.




  • R_Goza



    You can't add the box to select a subset to the UX, but you can setup an import to populate the subset once project planners finish their inputs. 


    You'll need two Line Items, one for CAPEX and one for EPMO.  Once the inputs are complete you'll use the Line Items to import into the list and populate the subsets.  You could also have your planners select "CAPEX" or "EPMO" from a drop down list and then have formulas populate the Boolean Line Items or you could just have the planners check the box themselves.  


    Once the planners complete their inputs you can have them run an action to populate your subsets, or you could have the action populate the subsets as part of a model update if you don't need the subsets populated immediately.  I try to avoid having end users run actions if possible.  If you have a lot of end users running actions it could slow the model down. 


    Hopefully this helps.