How to ramp up to understanding an Anaplan ecosystem


Hi All, 


What are best practices / tips to ramp up to an Anaplan ecosystem. 


I received my Model builder certificate and have a good grasp of the system terminology. I recently was brought on in the middle of an Anaplan project and having difficulty ramping up to what all the build activities that are happening are.


My question to the community is, what are the useful tips that help you dissect the model and why it is being built the way it is? Are there lessons or recommendations to how to get better with formula building? 


Should I be consider retaking the model builder trainings again?




  • R_Goza



    If you were brought on in the middle of a project and want to better understand the model and why it's being built a certain way I would recommend meeting with the Solution Architect on the project.  The SA probably has a model schema they can walk you through and explain the decisions that were made.  It would also help to review the user stories so you can get an idea of the requirements, and take a look at the sprint plan so you know what's already been completed and what's coming up.  If you aren't joining the scrum calls or stand-ups I would also recommend joining those calls. 


    Retaking L1 and L2 is one option if you feel like you need a little more practice or would benefit from revisiting certain topics.  However, if you can do some model building on the current project that's probably the best option.  Hands on experience is the best way to get better at formula building.  The SA and/or some of the more senior models builders on the project can probably help get you started and answer questions you have along the way.  They can also review your work and provide feedback which is a great way to learn. 


    Hopefully this helps.