Line Item Subsets and Summaries


I'm running into a curious situation where I'm trying to use the Summary of a module that includes a Line Item Subset downstream in another module. I'll walk through the situation below.


I built a single module to drive my line item subset, and I created a "top level" or summary item:



I created a line item subset that includes all the line items in the above module:



I'm using this line item subset to calculate errors for one of my input modules, so I pivoted my line item subset against the input module to generate the correct results. This shows my summary working as expected:





However, when I try to reference this line item in another module, it doesn't pick up the top level item using the "natural" summary, which is what I would have expected.



Note that it works the way I want when I do a SELECT on the top level item.





Is there something special I need to do in order to natrually use the Sum, or is this something that is just not possible with line item subsets?



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  • kevin.cho
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    I think the assumption that the "Is Summary" checkbox making the line item the "Top Level Item" is incorrect. This is more akin to creating just a Parent item. 

  • CalebW_77
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    Hi Ryan,


    The use of the LIS essentially forms a list when dimensioned in a model. So when you reference the 'Calc Error messages by adjustment' LIS module from the Error output module without this LIS dimension , Anaplan does not know what you are looking for. Therefore a select on 'All Errors' in LIS would return the result you are after.


    However, the 'Is summary' setting you pointed out initially can be unchecked, to enable you the ability to use lookup. If the 'Is summary' is kept on then like any list in Anaplan, you cannot lookup a summary, it needs to be a node.




    I would question whether LIS is required here, as a straight reference from your final 'INP Adjust Target' module to the initial Calc lis error messages should suffice. 


    I hope this helps Ryan.



  • @ryan_kohn 

    Try unchecking the Is Summary in the blueprint view for the total.

  • I think summary doesn't work with Top Level if you are using LIS, hence you have to use SELECT function to pull the data. However, SELECT is not always a good option, hence, you can use ISANCESTOR & a mapping module to fetch the data.

  • Thanks @kevin.cho! I was making this exact assumption and realize that it's incorrect. I now realize that you can obviously have multiple parents within a single line item subset and there is no way to identify one as the top level.

  • Thanks @CalebW_77! I'm also accepting this as a solution because you've additionally highlighted how to avoid the SELECT in the formula.


    You also bring up a good point about pointing the formula directly to the 'CALC list Error Messages' module instead of taking the extra hop with the 'CALC Error Messages by Adjustment' module. I still do need the line item subset in general though, but I'll definitely consider if your suggestion fits well with the holistic solution.