11.3.4- Values Not Matched

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In this lesson, my values don't match those of the example. Everything was fine until I put in the formulas. When mapping, everything matched perfectly. May someone assist with finding the issue? The formulas are in correctly.11.3.4..png


  • JOVince9
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    Perhaps, being unable to map Forecast is the issue. 

    11.3.4 1.png

  • rishabh01
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    Hi @JOVince9 

    I don't think mapping is an issue here. The forecast version is not matched because the source file doesn't contain any forecast data.

    Can you once review the formulas and summary of line items in REP03 module with lesson 11.3.4 ?

    If everything is fine, then it could be the case that Anaplan have made some updates to their data files.



  • JOVince9
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    Thanks Risha for the information. I played around with it and was able to figure out what was wrong. 11.3.4 2.png

  • SinaF
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    Thank you for posting an update! I was stuck with exactly the same values, but your resolution also worked for me. Cheers!

  • Yogitha
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    Hi, I am facing the same issue

    Can anybody please tell me wat is the issue 


    2022-08-28 (2).pngrevenue, cost of sales , margin, margin% are not populated, rest all is perfectrevenue, cost of sales , margin, margin% are not populated, rest all is perfect2022-08-28 (4).png

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    Once check DATA01 P&L Actual importing data

    I thing u did wrong mapping  while importing data

  • nanathompson
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    Thank you very much. Was stuck on this for too long.