Formula error when trying to remove 'Use Switchover'


I have a group of calculated line items that I want to remove the 'Use Switchover' functionality from so they don't pull in Actuals data. However, when I try to untick the box in blueprint mode, I get an error message saying that the formula is invalid.


Would be helpful to understand the connection between formula and 'Use Switchover', and what could be causing this error?




  • Hi @OliverMunns 

    This happens because you may have such data flow that some line item refers in such way that it depends on varsions and time.

    You have to check two things actually. The formula of the line item in which you want to disable Switchover and the formulas at all referencing line items. Because they may cause circular refferences.

    If this does not help - please send a blueprint of the module.


  • in that module, go to the blueprint, click on the Edit menu (I think), go down the Version Formula. In that module, you have a formula just for version Forecast.

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