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Evening all,


To give a little context, I have spent time creating an import which resets line items in a module, my process works perfectly and I have no issues with this but when I come to then presenting this on the UX dashboard I find it hard to present this in a way that I wish.

My ideal solution would be to set up the user input like a normal form process but with the ability to instead select a module and then selected line items I wish the user to be able to change. 

In my example, the line items I want to change are determined by the selection of a Boolean, so if the user selects the Boolean and runs the process the line items against a list member would then change from any number back to zero. As a solution I have created a separate page for this user input.

I am sure that this would open up endless possibilities for module editing but being very selective against lists and line items, followed by import processors. But happy to discuss for alternative solutions.


Thanks Fletch  

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