Mapping Module no time dimension to time


Hello, I have a csv import that is not dimensioned by time and date in the same cell. It can not be changed for a monthly process import. I am 90% of the way there. I created an import module (not dimensioned by time) and a reporting module that is dimensioned by time. I am able to pull in the data to the reporting module by manually filling in the import module line item time. 

How can I map time to my import module line item? I created a mapping module that should do the trick but can't figure out the formula to do so. 

Import Module Dimensions.png


Month Mapping Dimensions.png


  • I would calculate the time period in the import module itself. Below are the formulas I used and the output





  • Kmoerbe
    Unfortunately, the import module can't include time as a dimension, so this would not work.
  • Just to be clear, I didn't add a time dimension to the import module. I provided the formula you can use against the line item you have called "Date" which has a format of Time Period Month.