Trying to look up a LI for the previous 6 month average


I'm trying to look up a LI for the previous 6 months average using a TIMESUM. The formula is working but no numbers are appearing. Not sure why the numbers are not appearing. The formula is below. 


Thank you 

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  • ankit_cheeni
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    I think your time is opposite. It should be C-6 and then C, C being current period


  • Hard to tell without seeing the dimensions/structure of the source module as well as the dimensions of the module you've shared. Can you post blueprints of both?


    Also, something to note about the TIMESUM function arguments, though I'm not sure if it's relevant here:

    • If you use a date value for either the Start period or End period argument, their positions are swapped. This means that the End period argument should be a date in the period when aggregation begins and Start period should a the date in the period when aggregation ends.


  • This is the Blue Print of the module the formula is being performed 


    Here is a Blueprint of the source module 


    Here is a Blue Print of the SYS module we are using for the TIMESUM


    Thank you 

  • Hi, 


    That did get numbers to show. 


    Thank you