The values doesn't appear in Gridview


I use the same formula to calculate a value in a line item, it works in one module (Sales Qty - Motor) but it doesn't work in other modules (Sales Qty - Mobil and Sales Qty - Truck). I use different subsets from the same list for each module.


Blueprint of Module 'Sales Qty - Motor'


Gridview of 'Sales Qty - Motor'


I use a subset list (SS_Motor) from list 'VEHICLE' that had a property of another list 'VEHICLE CATEGORY' that I've grouped by their own product category (Mobil, Motor, Truck)




For two other modules (Sales Qty - Mobil and Sales Qty - Truck), I use other subsets from the same list (VEHICLE). I use SS_Mobil for module 'Sales Qty - Mobil' and I use SS_Truck for module 'Sales Qty - Truck'.


Blueprint of Module 'Sales Qty - Mobil'


Gridview of Module 'Sales Qty - Mobil'


Blueprint of Module 'Sales Qty - Truck'


Gridview of Module 'Sales Qty - Truck'


The results of the formula/calculation doesn't appear even though I use the same exact formula for these modules. Why is this happened? I guess It might happened due to the subsets that I use for each modules come from the same list, but I'm not so sure. How do I fix this? what should I do to make all the value appear successfully in every modules without changing the the subsets or modified the list?


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  • ankit_cheeni
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    Hi @NadiaSafarah 


    This is what I was expecting. The issue here is that your Allocation Quantity module is dimensioned by a subset instead of the whole list. For Motors, you have Percentage values present in Allocation Quantity but you do not have the values present for Mobil and Trucks in your Allocation Quantity module. 


    My understanding is Allocation Quantity (and TargetQty) should be dimensioned by the VEHICLE list instead of subsets. 

    Let me know if this makes sense. 


  • Hi @NadiaSafarah 


    Can you share the blueprint and values in Target Qty and Allocation Qty? Can you check if they have values for Mobil and Truck. 

  • @NadiaSafarah 

    Try creating a system module for the vehicle list. It's generally not a good idea to reference list properties. So in this case, you'll want to create SYS100 Vehicles. In that module create a line item that contains the "category". Then use LOOKUP on the line item. You can also create a line item that indicates which sublist it is in as well. In fact, you may just want to create a single list that contains the possible vehicles types, motor, mobil, truck. That way if more types are created you don't have to create another sublist.

  • sure, here are the blueprint and gridview of Allocation Qty, I use the values from line item 'Percentage' in both module 'Sales Qty - Mobil' and module 'Sales Qty - Truck', as well as module 'Sales Qty - Mobil' as an allocation value.








  • Problem solved, thank you. I don't even realize I only applied to SS_Motor in Allocation Qty lol