Update Inventory Ordering to Allow Override of Shipping Method


Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 7.11.08 PM.png

Whats problem in this formula is invaild ?

IF NOT Override Shipping Method? OR IS BLANK (Override Method).THEN+Shipping Method ELSE Override Method



  • @Vibhas 

    ISBLANK is one word. Incidentally, that formula should be applied to "Final Shipping Method", not Override Method. Override method is something the planner will enter. No formula needed there.

  • Vibhas

    I am still facing error what to do ?

  • @Vibhas 

    You also have a period "." after the ISBLANK(Override Method).

    Your formula is correct but you just have to clean up the extra  characters.

    IF NOT Override Shipping Method? OR ISBLANK(Override Method) THEN Shipping Method ELSE Override Method