10.2.6 Activity: Add Formulas to Employee Expenses Module



Anyone Can help me to figure out the error in Bonus, not sure where I am mistaking it. I tried both way Copy and Paste the formula also written it. However, still have having same issue.


Please find the attached screenshots.




  • Can you check If your line item in SYS08 is named Department. There is a chance it is spelled different.
    Ideally you don't need to type it out, you can just hover and click on the line item and it will automatically pick up without misspellings.
  • @Shitanshu 

    Oh wow, you're so close. The good news is that your formula checks out. The error you are getting is saying that it doesn't recognize the "spelling" of the line item you are using. In this case, "department". Make sure you spelled it exactly as it is in SYS08. If you believe it is spelled similarly then try using the mouse to select the line item instead of typing it in. Sometimes there's extra characters we cannot see. If that doesn't work then make sure the formatting of "department" is set to E1 Departments as a list formatted line item.

  • Thank You so much! I got it.
  • Thanks you so much!