Need guidance on Anaplan Level 1 Exam




I am planning to appear for Anaplan Level 1 Exam. Please provide your valuable suggestions/tips that is helpful for me do well in the exam. What is the format of exam? How many questions we need to answer? Is this a multiple choice format etc.






  • Hey,

    Yes, it will be a mainly multiple choice questionnaire. There are some questions that require you to write some formulas that you would have created during the training and maybe some match with the right statement type questions. 
    The main tip that I would suggest is to take your time in understanding the business aspect during the first level and then do a little bit of research around the formulas.
    All the questions in the exam will be from the training itself so make sure you are attentive during the training.
    The Learning Experience is very good and you will not be facing any issues during the level 1 training as it is very detailed.

    Hope this was helpful.

    All the best!

  • Thanks Anurag.


    What is total number of questions to be answered in the exam? What is the time limit after I start the exam? Can I retake the exam if I don't get through in through in the first attempt?


    Sorry for asking many questions as I am new to Anaplan.

  • Yes, you can retake the exam, As for the number of questions, it's around 10 usually. it takes around 30 to 40 mins to answer them all.
  • Hey @VikramSP , I would like to add on what @Anurag0911 said. After completing the training just try to explore the formulas and functions app to get a good hold on different functions. 

    Here is the link

    This was really helpful for me.