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I published a post on the Anaplan Community concerning the problem I'm facing on an App Anaplan, and I've been told to post an idea regarding my problem, so here's the problem I would like to solve: 


I want to create a chart from a module that has several line items and dimensions: 

-Dimensions are: Time, and a List composed of "Site 1" and "Site 2"


I want to display on ONE chart :

-The data of one line item 1 stacked by Column for site 1 and site 2

-The data of another line item 2 also stacked but by Area for site 1 and site 2

-The data of another line item 3 stacked with the lines of line item 2. (see the grid that I screenshoted)


I have managed to do so, (see the picture  posted) 


BUT I have a few problems:


1. I cannot change the colors of the columns stacked or the lines/areas. If I decide to choose blue on the Line item 1 for Site 1, immediately it automatically also puts the color blue for the Line item 1 Site 2. 

It's really weird because if I click to Reset the colors, it has different colors stacked, but still I cannot change the color of one part without the other one turning into the same color. 

On the picture I let it with the default colors


2. How can I change the order of what is stacked first? For example, I want the first area to be site 1, but it always automatically puts site 2 first and then stacks site 1 above it (for the column bars)

And also, how can I change the names of the legend? Because on this chart we cannot see which line is Site 1 and which one is Site 2...


3. One possibility that I found and tried in order to solve my 2 previous problems, is to create a new module with one line item corresponding to one line item on one site. (for example, Already Allocated Site 1 would be a line item in this new module) So the Sites list wouldn't be a dimension anymore. This works and enables me to change the color and the order of the chart bars, but if I decide to edit my List (for example, if I add a Site 3), then the chart wouldn't be updated automatically as it comes from module with line items that select line items from another module. 

I posted a picture of the new module created with the formulas used. 


Thank you very much !!! 

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