Look up for future periods




What's the formula for looking up only future periods? 


In our module Professional Services Forecasting, I have actuals up to and including current period and blue inputs for forecast / future periods.

We then have a module that groups various job codes called Professional Services Profitability. This already splits out actuals into different categories. When I add in the forecasting lines, it then double counts the actuals. 


So, how do I pull the information from Professional Services Forecasting into Professional Services Profitability for future periods only?


As you can see from the screenshot, Jan - July are duplicates of the total cross charge. It's only the August only values that I want to pull through. Please note, I've not updated the "Total Cross Charge £" sub total yet.



Hope this makes sense!


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  • Hi @zhaddow 

    You can put IF <Actual periods> then 0 else Professional Services Forecasting.<source line item>

    You have to calculate what is <actual periods> in a saparate line item.

  • Adding more details try creating this :


    Then use the is else to populate the values according. for the above, you simply have to use "CURRENTPERIODSTART() < START()" in the forecast and the opposite in the current period. 

    You can create a new module as I did or maybe use the same module with a Boolean format to do this. 

    Hope it was helpful