11.3.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Profit & Loss Report Module

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  • Hey @kebe 

    I think there is some issue with the data in your EMP02 module. Can you just show the blueprint view of EMP02 and SYS09 modules.

    I just want to verify that the formulas are staged up correctly.


  • EMP02EMP02SYS09SYS09

  • Trying drilling down(F8 after selecting the cell) on any of the cells in the headcount of REP03 Module you will be able to compare the value source.


    Then from there try solving the issue.

    All the best.


  • The formulas for both the modules are absolutely correct. That's great.

    Just check if headcount for one country in rep03 matches the sum of headcounts in emp02 based on employee's country.

  • IT  Should be 0IT Should be 0

    it  should be 0 for Eveline Nicholls whats wrong

  • I think this is because your "employed?" line item of emp02 module is checked for eveline.

    Just click on the cell against eveline and drill down further to find the issue. If it is checked then , can you share the blueprint view of sys00: time setting module.


  • you are right employed is checked 

    here is sys00 


  • The formulas here seems to be correct. Let me think about this issue.

  • thank it is resolved