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Im trying to build out in Anaplan a way to take all the totals of the first day of each month and then divide it by the totals of the whole month. This will give me a ratio that is needed to multiply by each dayified first day of the month. 


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  • @neg177 

    Neg! How've you been? You deserve the Community award for most participation. Great question.

    Easy to handle by the way. Two methods:

    • system module that is set to the day level. Create a line item formatted as a period (month) and use the PERIOD(START()) function to identify the month. Then in your planning module you can LOOKUP the month value that way.
  • neg177

    Hi Jared, 


    I believe I have my SYS modules already set up to do so, (Ill add a screen shot of them), but what I'm trying to do overall is dayify a monthly number that is in one of my modules, and then take the dayified first of the month totals, (excluding Weekends and Holiday's), and then divide those dayified first of the month totals by the month total. 

    Trying to take this monthly total 


    Use Simple math to break apart the Monthly number in accordance to days of the week



    Then in this module it will be daily and I only want to look up the amount of every first day of the month



    SYS Modules 





  • What is the select in Funding Dayification Totals?
    (You should just put that formula in Funding Dayification Daily, no need to "daisy chain" it.)
    It looks like you recreate the value of D04 Total Funding on C06b, and just copying it across Days.