Parent to Child Mapping




Is there a way to map a selection made at the parent level to all the children of the parent?


Product Hierarchy: L1 Program, L2 SKU


My final output report is at the L2 SKU level. The users take multiple snapshots of this report during planning cycle. At the end of the cycle they want to select a final snapshot for that cycle at the program level and store the final snapshot for that month in a final module at the L2 SKU level. 


My selection module has L1 Program and it has a line item formatted as the snapshot list. 


How can I apply the selection made at the program level 


I have a module where user wants to select a final snapshot for monthly planning cycle 

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    You can create a module with no lists or time. Just line items. One of those line items will be list formatted as P1 Program. Allow the planner to select the program. Then in your SKU system module create a line item, Boolean formatted, that compares the parent of the SKU with the selection made from the planner. A TRUE value will give you the selected program and all the SKUs in that program. Hope that helps!