Error with line item is not recognized


I'm try to find medical cost for employee in EMP02 (Employee Expenses) drives by Role and Department  where i have to reference to EMP03 (Employee Driver by Role) and SYS08 Employee details.

In my formula I didn't query direct EMP03 source module into target module EMP02 is because in EMP02 I don't have Department and Role as EMP03. so then instead i mapping with intermediary SYS08 to provide department and role to pass to EMP03.


I use this formula 

IF Employed? THEN 'EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role'.Medical Cost[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Department, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Role] ELSE 0
but i get this error below.




so please can some assist me how to correct this error?


  • @erijustine 

    Check the spelling of Medical Cost in EMP03. The error is just saying it doesn't recognize the spelling you provided. Ideally, you can just use the mouse and click on the line item instead of typing it in. You've almost got this!

  • Hello @JaredDolish

    Thanks for prompt assists, ok i repeat the formula by mouse click still i got this its different error can check for me pls!



  • @erijustine 

    Make sure the "Role" line item is list formatted. When you use a LOOKUP or SUM the line item must be list formatted.

  • @JaredDolich 

    Please can you show me how to correct that. i try to check but it shows no action available. may be im not on right path...



  • @erijustine 

    Double check SYS08 and that the roles are loaded correctly.



  • Helo @JaredDolich 

    I real appreciate so much, i believe i'm close to get solution, this is what i found in my SYS08 Employee Details


    and i can't see the "Role" line is that what cause all that if so how do i correct it ? i will double check with my importing and let you know but if you thought something else please assist me. thanks.

  • @erijustine 

    This image is of your EMP02. Do you have an screenshot of your SYS08 blueprint?

  • Hi @JaredDolich 

    Sorry about that i though is this one i attached. here we go and yeah i see role it missing.



  • Hello @JaredDolich 

    Here are the data importing into SYS08 and i see the role but i think i didn't map it well and i try it now but i see i can't find the corresponding dimension in target module to map with  from source module, i will appreciate your concerning as well on how to solve that. 

    Capture- Role Mapping.JPGCapture- SYS08 - rOLE Importing.JPG