level 2 Activity 2.3.10 Growth Rate Formula error


I have applied right formula in Growth Rate% of  DEM03 module.But the hierarchical aggregation is going on.Is it right or Can I make a change so that Hierarchical error will not take place. But when I changed summary setting of growth% from sum to none then only SKU products have entries and levels above it didn't .I think that's more correct.I have attached the screenshot. Plz let me Know how I can correct this.


  • Hello @RAJAT786 ,


    If you go to the blueprint, you will see that the summary for that line item is "SUM". You could change it to "None" to show an empty slot. Alternatively, "Average" or "Closing Balance" could also be of interest. Lastly, given that you are using a LOOKUP, "Formula" would not work, but if you actually had a formula in there, it would be the ideal choice.


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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thanx.I exactly did this to get the desired result.